We took over this site from it’s previous “developers”. That’s in quotes because they were just plain scammers, and we have no problem calling them out.

LogoCrescent charged the client $300 to transfer the site away from their service. In reality this meant $300 to ransom the client’s (already paid for) website back to them. They had previously suspended it due to “billing concerns”, which just meant they decided to arbitrarily charge more money and the client refused to pay. They charged the client ridiculous fees for non-existent services, but were more than happy to ignore emails and phone calls when asked to actually do something.

A general rule of thumb: if you’re looking at a web developer candidate and their grammar/spelling mirrors that of a 5-year-old, we would suggest looking elsewhere.

We removed about 40 plugins that were completely unused (so they were just slowing down performance), ran a full security audit, and replaced about 5 nulled/cracked plugins that the previous developers had installed. The site performs far better now and we’re happy to finally have it back up.

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