This was our first major project back in mid-2019 and it was a good opportunity to learn some new techniques! The client wanted some additional features that made an interesting challenge for us. We figured out a stable setup and have deployed it for several other clients in similar businesses since then. If you’re looking for a similar solution, contact us!

Admission Tickets: This was a pretty normal ecommerce setup, so no major issues there. We implemented a system that allowed Big Red’s to scan barcodes at their front desk to mark tickets as used.

Booking System: Customers could interact with a digital calendar and choose dates/times for whatever event they were interested in. Bookings would automatically sync to a connected Google Calendar and send an email notification to Big Red’s.

Digital Signatures: This was the most essential feature as a service like DocuSign didn’t fit their requirements. Customers signed a document “template” at the front desk and received that signed copy via email.

Aside from that, it was a pretty normal project. The site is looking a little dated now, but still holds up functionality and is fast enough for their use case.

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