A Little About Us


Hey there, name’s Bayley. I’m a Coeur d’Alene native and love working with business owners in the area. With that being said, I work with folks all across the US.

I’ve been involved with the IT industry since 2012. I opened my first business in 2016, and from 2021 onwards I’ve been active duty overseas.
Since this is no longer my primary career, I’m not available for contact all the time, but this has some upsides. The biggest advantage is that my focus is always on reliability and stability. My goal is for your website to run perfectly 24/7.

My Values


Even if it costs me a client, I’d rather be up front if I won’t be a good fit for you.


I’m not in the business of fleecing folks. I’ll always charge a fair price for my work.


I regularly offer free or discounted services to non-profits, humanitarian organizations, and businesses that cater to my own personal values.