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Interested in a free consultation of your website speed? We'll measure it from a variety of different devices and send the metrics to you, along with some suggestions and insights on what you can do to correct it!

Website Design

Does your new business need an online home? Or maybe you already have a website that just needs a facelift… Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Don’t lock yourself into a “website rental” service like SquareSpace or Shopify. There’s no way to migrate away from their service, and your focus should be on running your business.

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Website Hosting

If I had a nickel for every time a client was unhappy with their website host, I could retire. They drive costs down by cramming hundreds of clients onto an underpowered server, and then rely on marketing gimmicks and upsells to give the appearance of good performance. In reality, these numbers aren’t representative of real-world performance and your customers will know it.

Did you know that on average, people will abandon a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load?

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Website Maintenance

There’s two common myths in this industry. One is that small websites aren’t targeted by hackers and malware. The other is that once your site is done, you can forget about it!
In reality, security and ongoing maintenance are vital, and should be included by default. They should never be an upsell or an afterthought.

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Website Optimization

Website speed is a major factor in SEO (how high you rank in search results) and tends to get forgotten as developers focus more and more on visuals. I regularly see websites that take 10+ seconds to load and that’s unacceptable, especially for mobile users. I aim for “A” ratings on PageSpeed. You can view results for this site below.

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