We took over hosting and maintenance of IOF in August of 2019 as the client was experiencing an unusual amount of brute-force attempts and they were concerned about it. Their previous host (GoDaddy) was attempting to upsell them for basic support and security and the client didn’t want to pursue that route.

Upon taking over hosting of the site we ran a full security audit. It didn’t identify any compromised code, but the website software was fairly out of date and bloated. After trimming a lot of unnecessary fat, we cut the site loading times in half. The client makes regular changes and wanted to be able to do them on their own, so we streamlined the entire product line and layout to make their workflow easier.

COVID and the ensuing supply shortages drastically changed how the company operated, so we again had to restructure their ecommerce system to accommodate.

Ultimately, our platform still blocks about 100,000 breach attempts a year for this site. It’s fairly busy and that ultimately means more bot/malicious traffic.

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